Tien Yi
KIKUZEN 菊膳日本料理

The crest of the Japanese imperial family, the Kiku, or chrysanthemum, symbolises honour and prestige. The Kikuzen Japanese Restaurant of the RC Gastronomic's features Kiku in its name to represent its mission to serve the highest dining enjoyment to all its honoured guests.

To complement this traditional royal emblem, the restaurant has chosen a more modern expression as its predominant interior design feature. The colour black often suggests a rigorous, rational yet enigmatic mind and is favoured for a formal and serious look not only by Japanese royalty but also in international business circles.

The black tones of Kikuzen's décor form just part of the distinctive, elegant atmosphere that attracts so many executives, expatriates and other professionals to lunch, dinner or even just happy hour. Combining natural materials such as wood, leather, fabrics and marble, and set off by dramatic lighting, Kikuzen's interior design offers contemporary style with exemplary Japanese sophistication. It has become the ideal place for enjoying Japanese cuisine with business partners, colleagues and friends.

Certainly, Kikuzen's guests appreciate the restaurant's fashionable ambience and cosmopolitan modernity, but this is simply the backdrop to the world-class culinary experiences available to them. Indeed, Kikuzen is run like the exclusive kitchen of the Japanese royal family.  From the selection and purchase of the ingredients to the preparation and presentation of the dishes, serious and meticulous attention is paid to every single detail.

Kikuzen's sushi and sashimi are renowned for their freshness and quality, two all-important standards that the restaurant maintains at the heart of its tradition and philosophy. The wonderful choices offered on the menu include live lobster, jumbo prawn (Botan Ebi), prime tuna (toro), salmon and sea urchin. Most are fresh local produce of Japan, including the special seafood of Hokkaido.

And this is to say nothing of the specialities that arrive fresh from Japan every day by air. This seasonal seafood adds even more colour to the splendid sushi bar, and Kikuzen's chefs will recommend the most mouth-watering ways to enjoy it.

At Kikuzen, the modern interpretation of the traditional culinary arts also places the accent on providing more choice through the introduction of top-quality international produce, such as New Zealand lamb and French foie gras, while Japanese Wagyu (Kobe-style) and American Angus beef are on the menu for connoisseurs of rib-eye delicacy.

Another outstanding feature that adds to Kikuzen's elegant pleasure is provided by the large teppanyaki grill circle with "live performances" by its skillful, experienced chefs. Enduringly entertaining, the grill produces fantastic flavours and sumptuous smells that will tempt one and all, even people passing by outside the restaurant.

Kikuzen's extensive wine cellar catches the eye for the way it enlightens the interior design but also for its selection – it contains something to match every dining taste. The restaurant's premium sake collection is twinned with distinguished vintages from the Old and New Worlds, all specifically selected to enrich the cuisine.

As befits its imperial inspiration, Kikuzen is committed to serving its honoured guests supreme dining pleasure that provides a feast for the five senses.

菊花自古以來就是日本皇室的家徽,具有「尊貴」的像徵意義。雅時美鑒餐飲集團 (RC Gastronomic) 旗下的菊膳日本料理也開宗明義,就是以客為尊,呈獻最高用膳享受。










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